You already know that Brazilian beaches are amazing! Thinking about that I did a small list with 5 beaches that you should visit where you will enjoy the paradise without expending too much money!

1- Barra da Tijuca (Rio de Janeiro – RJ)

It is not that famous like Copacabana, but it´s perfect! If you are coming to Brazil with kids, is the best beach to stay! Not crowded at all where you will be able to relax and have fun even on the busier days during peak season.

If you have a small budget, you can rent a small flat. It will be cheaper than resorts or hotels.

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2- Cacimbinha (Natal – RN)

Here you will enjoy a wild beach, very rustic with awesome view points from the cliffs. Prepare yourself for hottest wheather ever!

You can stay in a bed & breakfast in a close by beach called Pipa and have so much fun.

foto 141


3- Ponta Grossa (Canoa Quebrada – CE)

It is a wonderful place, I have never saw a beach that combines so many natural things in one place like: colourfull cliffs, quicksand, beautiful horizon, sand cascade, warm water and more!

The place is full of life and about 90% of the buldings in the village are bed & breakfast and hotels. Here you will find many options of acommodation from rustic to quaint places.


4- Porto das Dunas (Fortaleza – CE)

This beach is huge, with white sands and warm water, perfect for relaxing.

I do not recomend the Resort Beach Park for those who wants to save money, there will spend at least R$800,00 per room per day with accommodation. If you choose to stay in a simple hotel you will spend about R$ 150 per room per day and will enjoy the same paradise spending less money.


5 -Praia Lagoa do Paraíso (Jericoacoara – CE)

I call this place the paradise on earth, the beach has white sands, warm water and it is surrounded by dunes!

In Jeri you have it all, it is a small town with a mix of beautiful beaches, fancy restaurants, good food and nice bed & breakfasts. That is Jeri! How amazing a place can be?

Lots of the locals living there now were tourists that decided to stay after visiting Jeri. Crazy huh?

If you want know more about those beaches and all the tips, go to √ MENU √ NACIONAL and have fun!


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